About us

mamamizers is Helene (USA) and Yvonne (Germany).

Helene (*1987) | Atlanta, USA | Blog languages: French and English
New Mama of 1 (*2016) & Happily Married | World Citizen | Earth Lover & Traveller | Culturious | Montessori student | Volunteer | Free
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Yvonne (*1980) | Stuttgart, Germany | Blog languages: German and English
Mom of 2 (*2012 and *2016) & Wife | Friend | Manager | Minimalist | Traveler | Sharer | Life Enjoyer | Food Lover
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Yvonne’s tribe <3
Our Mission

We will blog about our
– tribes = our family lives with our kids (*2016, *2012 & *2016)
– work lives
– wanderlust = our travels around the globe alone or with our families
– product we love
…and we want to have fun, fun, fun… so be nice!

Our vision

We are aiming to simplify (mama-MIZE) our lives as much as possible in order to have more time for the things that matter (to us).

With this blog we would like
a) to help you by sharing our knowledge… which hopefully cleans the mess in our busy heads and
b) to learn from you to gain knowledge,
c) which we can then a) share again…


Let us, mamamizers, inspire you for a simpler, meaningful and sustainable life.

Any questions / ideas / cooperations you have in mind please contact us!